You’re not really buying anything. You’re donating to help end homelessness. You will not receive anything except the pride in having done a good deed. No compact discs. No cassettes. You don’t even own a cassette player. But what you do own is a giant heart so we thank you for donating 100% of your purchase to charity.


When you “buy” this CD/cassette collection, you’re really not buying anything at all. You are donating your money to Father Joe’s Villages, San Diego’s largest homeless services provider. FJV prepares up to 3,000 meals and provides care to nearly 1,800 individuals every day—from infants and adolescents to adults and seniors. This includes over 780 children and over 200 military veterans. They provide housing, rental assistance, healthcare, food, clothing, education, job training, mental health, addiction treatment and child development in an internationally modeled “one-stop-shop” approach. 


  1. ias_admin

    “I love this music more than I love my children. In fact, I often wonder why I ever thought I would make a good parent.”
    – Rhonda Taylor

  2. ias_admin

    “It’s A Season! allows me to enjoy the holiday spirit at work, without worrying about being charged with a hate crime.”
    – Braxton Smithworth

  3. ias_admin

    “The last time I heard holiday music this good, I was working as a scientist in the Arctic Circle. I was tripping hard on mushrooms, rocking out to some yuletide jams, and I totally forgot to recharge the heating element for the sleeping quarters. Lots of good people died that night. It was crazy.”
    – Irwin Gards, PhD., MD

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